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Zürich, Switzerland - 6 Month(s)
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Opening Date 2023/07/01 12:00:AM
Closing Date 2024/01/01 12:00:AM

Location Zürich, Switzerland Sectors Healthcare Digital B2B Company number CHE-152.681.235 Incorporation date 23 Aug 2017
Type Equity  Valuation (pre-money) £9.3M  Equity offered 8.65%  Share price £4.63 Tax relief N/A
  • German & EU market distribution agreement in place
  • Has a medical cannabis cultivation licence (THC)
  • Anticipating EU GMP certification in Q4 2023
  • €4M invested in swisscann by founders


Embracing the momentum of the thriving global medical cannabis industry and leveraging its THC-licensed medical cannabis production facility, swisscann aims to address the growing demand for safe and effective medical cannabis products.

With a medical cannabis cultivation (THC) licence in hand and a operational production facility, swisscann has established a partnership with a publicly listed European pharmaceutical company, a major distributor of medical cannabis.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, swisscann enjoys ideal proximity to Germany, thereby enabling cost-effective logistics. Germany is Europe's largest market for medical cannabis and is projected to grow into a multi-billion-Euro market by 2027.

Swisscann products are expected to be available in pharmacies throughout Europe, with a strategic launch in the German market projected for Q1 2024, serving as the company's entry point into the European landscape.


Monetisation strategy

The global medical cannabis market is poised for significant growth, expected to reach €20.5 billion by 2027 and estimated to grow at a CAGR of 19% between 2022 and 2027.

Within this expanding landscape, swisscann aims to target pharmacies and clinics as its primary customers. Revenue is projected to come from direct sales to these key groups, as well as through partnerships with leading medical cannabis distributors. This strategy will extend swisscann's reach to larger pharmacy chains.

Swisscann is focused on growing its distribution channels, achieving economies of scale, and aiming to boost its profit margins over the next three years.


Category: Health
Insurance: Yes

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